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It all started during our second year of MBA. Nandita and me were always close friends sharing everything. The relationship started growing with the due corse of time. The Joint studies helped a lot also But the turnaround to our relationship came only after we left our college. The distance between Delhi and Mumbai was also not able to stop our feelings for each other.

Normally Distance help people to forget each other but in our case the distance made it more strong. I still remember September 11, 2005. It was the day i told nandita about my inclination feelings about her. We both discussed this and concluded that we both have to be cautious on these feelings, as it can be infatuation also. So we decide to wait for sometime.

After 6 months sometime in August - September, 2006 we both decided that this is love and we have to get married.

On 16 January 2007 both parents gave the consent for our relationship. On 11 February 2007 our Roka Ceremony took place and now we are getting Married on 21 November, 2007.

- Ajay

No can ever say or express how it happens, it's all in the moment, but ya a gist can give an idea to all…….

Ajay and me were in the same college ITM (Kharghar), although we never talked much initially in spite of being close friends but later as days passed we started sharing all possible issues under the sun.

Friendship was pure sharing of jokes, gossips but I used to always like him being caring and protective towards me, as I was like a tom-boy in college but he used to always advice me whenever I used to go wrong or loss my temper on anyone. The studies, the parties I guess helped a lot for me to know him more clearly and that's when it all started.

It was year end and we got our placements Ajay went back to Delhi and I was in Mumbai, There was not a single day when we didn't talk to each other, by then we knew about our feelings getting stronger day by day. We decided to take some time and thing seriously as we knew that there would be lot of ups and downs as he was a Punjabi and me being Bengali or may be its just a phase we going through.

Some where around October- September 2006, Ajay proposed me finally to marry him, and then we knew that there was no looking back in our relationship.

But after a lot of wait and tussel and hussel between thoughts and views on 16 January 2007 we got the green signal from our elders for us to be together forever. And on 11 February 2007 our Roka Ceremony took place and now we are getting Married on 21 November, 2007.